Who’s up for a challenge in 2021?


Who’s up for a challenge in 2021?

Hello good people of Brixworth and surrounding villages

Starting a new weight loss / fitness regime? Hopefully with Covid restrictions listed we can get back to being more free to get out and about again and enjoy an active summer.

Sound good?

Great.  How about hiring your own personal fitness coach to help and support you  to hit your goal/

What is a Fitness Coach?: Someone who supports, motivates and encourages you right through to success. 

So it is this simple:  Set a goal and a realistic timescales and let your coach lay out a simple path to hitting your goal.  Obviously you’ll need to do the work but with the confidence that you are doing it the best and quickest way.

*The fitness coaching can be in my studio or outside or a mixture of both depending on what your goal is.

Email: iain@boodhistfitness.co.uk