How it works

How it works…

Boodhist Fitness leaves nothing to chance. Our methods are calculated and your progress monitored so that we can adapt our program to your individual needs in order to ensure your success.


Weight training and strength training are at the forefront of our methods. Our training is challenging yet educational throughout the entire process so that you understand the benefits of each movement, and how to perform it perfectly.

We value building fundamental movement patterns, correct technique and postural correction extremely highly in order to ensure that you achieve your goals safely.

Weight Loss

We help you to create a personal, structured and sensible plan that focuses on long-term success. We focus on helping you become a slimmer, fitter and more confident person in the process. Our 12-week course from our sister company HIT MY GOAL is the first step towards a better, healthier life. We provide a structure to ensure you have full control over your weight loss and keep it as simple as possible. We tailor it to ensure that you won’t have to give up your favourite foods and you get to do more of the exercises that you enjoy.